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At Fox Carpet & Flooring we offer a range of services including:

  • Supply only

  • Fit only

  • Supply and fit



We are able to prepare nearly all types of floor ready for most floor coverings. These include:



We supply and fit a range of ply thicknesses that create a smooth surface ready for floor coverings. This preparation method is usually used on existing floorboards and chipboard floors. It can also be used to bring floor levels up to the same height as an adjoining room or area.

Damp proofing

In areas susceptible to damp and moisture we use damp proof membrane that block moisture ingress. This can ensure the longevity of floor coverings and peace of mind that floors we install are built to last. These are typically used underneath a layer of latex screed and can also dry in as little as 30 minutes.


We are able to use a variety of different plant and machinery to grind and smooth existing sub-floors often meaning a lot less latex is needed in order to create a smooth and flat floor ready for floor coverings.

Latex screed

We are experienced in using a variety of different latex screeds that all offer varying qualities. Latex is used to smooth and level sub-floors in preparation for floor coverings. Some can be used with stone chippings for areas requiring deep filling, some are quick drying in as little as 30 minutes for customer convenience, others are more suitable for covering and smoothing existing floor type such as ceramic tiles or flag stones.

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